What to expect

When you choose to work with Cushla you will undertake an initial consultation which typically takes 50 - 60 minutes. Consultations can take place in clinics in Methven, Ashburton or Christchurch, but most commonly via Zoom. Cushla works with athletes virtually all over New Zealand, and the majority of clients choose to work online due to its time-saving nature and simplicity. Prior to the consultation, Cushla will be in touch to arrange a time and date that best fits your schedule, as well as send through a link for you to complete an online pre-consultation form. This form allows the consult to run smoothly and efficiently to make sure you get the most out of your time. After the initial consult, you will receive an email with a detailed consultation letter including your personal strategies moving forward. Less is more when it comes to behaviour change, so you will find although lots is discussed in the initial consultation, Cushla will only send you away with 3 - 4 key points to work on, initially. Alongside this you will also get individualised resources and information relevant to your specific strategies.


Moving forward, you can choose to have on-off follow up appointments as desired, or choose a nutrition membership plan. These nutrition plans allow you to stay accountable, keep on top of your sports nutrition, and allow you to be race ready for your event. Many options are available, including reviews with Cushla weekly, fortnightly, or monthly over weeks, months, or years. Race plan(s) are inclusive for members on a nutrition plan. Please note extra fees may apply if you progress wth one-off follow ups in the lead up to an event. You do not have to be coached by Team CP to choose to work with Cushla or go on a nutrition plan.

Education & Professional Groups

Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition

Master of Dietetics

Accredited ISAK level 1

Member of Dietitians NZ

Associate member of Sports Dietitians Australia

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