At home workout of the week

You don't need an expensive gym membership to reach your health and fitness goals. In fact, all you need is some space (e.g. your garage or a nice spot in the garden), some dumbbells if you have them and a yoga/exercise mat.

Today I'm sharing with you a great full-body workout that utilises your own body weight in less than 30 minutes. If you have some free weights/dumbbells, use them where there is an option to do so.

Each round is 5 minutes long. Complete all the exercises in each round through as many times within each 5 minute period. Between each round have 30 seconds rest. There are 5 rounds total, each with 5 different exercises.

Round 1:

15 burpees

20 squats (dumbbells)

15 full push ups (on knees if needed)

12 single leg squats to 30-50 cm high bench (6 each leg) - these are tough!

1 minute plank

Round 2:

20 shoulder side raises (dumbbells)

40 donkey kicks (20 each leg, ankle weights)

20 tricep dips

1 minute skipping

12 pistol squats to 30-50 cm high bench (6 each leg)

Round 3:

10 burpees

30 walking lunges (dumbbells)

15 straight leg raises

1 minute side plank (30 seconds each side)

50 mountain climbers

Round 4:

20 up/down planks

15 full push ups

20 sit ups (dumbbell)

1 minute skipping

40 glute/leg extensions (20 per side, ankle weights)

Round 5:

1 minute skipping

1 minute plank

30 sit ups (dumbbell)

12 pistol squats to 30-50 cm high bench (6 each leg)

30 lunges (15 per side)

Done! Cool down and stretch thoroughly.


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