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Nineteen nutrition questions with MATILDA GREEN

Matilda Green (nee Rice) first rose to fame on New Zealand’s first series of The Bachelor NZ back in 2015. Since then, Matilda has gone on to become a prominent media personality. Most recently a best-selling author, her latest book The Feel Good Guide is all about building positive self-esteem through small achievable lifestyle changes. Matilda is a huge fan of health and wellness, and not taking life, or herself, too seriously. Matilda lives in Warkworth with her husband Art Green, their baby son Milo, and little Jack Russell Buster.

1.       Your go-to pre-gym meal?

Coffee! Or some muesli with coconut milk. Nothing too heavy. 

2.       Favourite post-gym recovery food?

A big ol' smoothie. Something with banana, cacao, some sort of nut butter, maybe some greens? And maybe some hemp protein. 

3.       Can't head to the gym without....?

My one litre water bottle! 

4.       The best piece of nutrition advice you have been given?

If you don't recognise or can't pronounce the ingredients of something, don't eat it.

5.       Foods you cannot stand? 

Quite a few actually. But mainly oranges. EW the smell is foul. And when someone is eating one near me, it makes me physically shudder when it gets in their teeth and in their fingernails haha.

6.       Three foods you could not live without?

Mince, quinoa, eggs.

7.       Favourite local café?

Mr Grind, a hole-in-the-wall coffee spot in Warkworth. 

8.       Favourite foodie destination (can be worldwide)?

USA. I mean they invented the fried chicken/waffles combination. What's not to love!

9.       What’s the first thing you consume in a typical day?

Usually a fresh rosemary tea, which is just rosemary steeped for 10 minutes or so. Or a smoothie. 

10.   What is your favourite weekend breakfast?

Paleo banana pancakes with maple syrup, or huevos rancheros.

11.   What is your go-to lunch?

My lunches are pretty boring most of the time, but usually quinoa with a can of tuna and a squeeze of lemon, or scrambled eggs on paleo toast with lots of parsley from the garden, or an omelette with some veggies! 

12.   What is your ultimate dessert?

Chocolate self-saucing pudding!  

13.   Favourite recipe book?

Anything by Yotem Ottolenghi (his recipes are packed with flavour!), or Off The Shelf by Donna Hay, it was my first recipe book given to me by my mum so it's quite special to me.  

14.   Sweet or savoury?


15.   Favourite fruit or vegetable?

Favourite vegetable is kumara. I'm not that fussed on fruit! 

16.   Food you used to dislike and now love?


17.   A dish that is made frequently in your household is…

We have some kind of variation of protein (steak, fish or local sausages), greens (sautéed kale, broccoli or beans usually), and carb (usually kumara fries). We have this most weeknights to be honest... We probably should mix it up a bit more!

18.   Cooking – love it or hate it?

LOVE cooking. Art and I make most of our meals together. It's a really special time for us to spend together after Milo goes to bed. We just chat, cook, and sometimes have a glass of wine. 

19.   A top tip you would give other people trying to be the healthiest version of themselves? 

You don't have to go from zero to 100 straight away. The 'all or nothing' mentality is really common, but I believe health is a snowball. If you start to make small changes, you start to notice a difference in how you feel, then bit by bit you add a few more changes, then before you know it you feel so good, that you don't ever want to go back to how you were before. Starting small is the key! 


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