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Nineteen Nutrition Questions With OSKA BAYNES

Oska is a New Zealand Distance Runner, with a 64 minute half marathon and a 2:18 Marathon. Oska is a Dad, Husband, business owner of Frontrunner Colombo, and lover of pushing himself to the limits. Oska views his work as being able to help as many people as possible find the joy in running that he does. Running has created a life for Oska, with numerous opportunities and the formation of lifelong friendships.

1. Your go-to pre-race meal?

Three hours before: 2 cups of coconut rice pudding, a banana and 2 hard boiled eggs does the trick.

2. Favourite recovery food?

Really depends on what I’m recovering from. Electrolytes first, I like the Pure of Osmo. Then crack into the protein, if I’m busy it’s a smoothie with a banana, berry, protein powder, maybe some green stuff. If I have time I like my protein pancakes with fresh fruit. 

3. A food or fluid you can’t be without during a race? 

Depends on the distance. I don’t take anything for 10km or a half really, but a marathon I need my Maurten gels. 

4. The best piece of nutrition advice you have been given?

Without giving away a whole heap of IP.. it’s the concept I came up with alongside my nutritionist. If you’re hungry eat protein, if you’re empty have carbohydrates. My day is focused around hitting my protein number, then we build the carbohydrate and fat around the level of exercise the day before, the day of and the requirements for the next day. 

5. Foods you cannot stand? 

I’ll eat most things. Some seafood isn’t great.

6. Three foods you could not live without?

Eggs and steak.

7. Favourite local café?

mhmm.... not a huge cafe person to be honest. 

8. Favourite foodie destination (can be worldwide)?

Markets in Melbourne.

9. What’s the first thing you consume in a typical day?


10. What is your favourite weekend breakfast?

My go to breakfast is normally homemade hash brown with 4 poached eggs. Maybe some avocado if I’m feeling rich that week.

11. What is your go-to lunch?

Normally Rice or Kumara, steak/chicken and some steamed vegetables. 

12. What is your ultimate dessert?

Not a huge sweet tooth but the raspberry chocolate coconut ice cream is bloody good.

13. Favourite recipe book?


14. Sweet or savoury?


15. Favourite fruit or vegetable?

Mandarins, banana, does peanut butter count..?

16. Food you used to dislike and now love?

Not sure.

17. A dish that is made frequently in your household is…

Steak, homemade chips, vegetables, maybe with an egg on top. 

18. Cooking – love it or hate it?

Really enjoy it. 

19. A top tip you would give other fellow runners (doesn’t have to be food related)?

Be out there for the right reasons, solidify your why and give yourself a break every now and again. 


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