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Nineteen Nutrition Questions With RICHARD GREER

Meet Richard Greer, the (very humble) head honcho, the big cheese, the team captain of Team CP. Team CP is an endurance coaching business that Richard has developed over the past 14 years which helps to guide, educate, lead and inspire people to do more than they think is possible. He also enjoys adventuring in the outdoors himself, including finishing as the first veteran and second overall in the two day Coast to Coast 2020, an event he had not raced competitively in since 2005. Richard has a family of four (!!) kids to chase after from the ages of 6 to 12 years, and is looking forward to riding the Central Otago rail trail and Walking the Abel Tasman with them this Summer.

1.       Your go-to pre-race meal?

'Just the usual' - fruit, sultana bran, muesli and yoghurt.

2.       Favourite recovery food?

Nothing better than a custard square when you have earnt it.

3.       A food or fluid you can’t be without during a race? 

Pure Nutrition lemon sports drink.

4.       The best piece of nutrition advice you have been given?

Eat your veges - thanks Mum.

5.       Foods you cannot stand? 

Bean sprouts...

6.       Three foods you could not live without?

Ice cream, beetroot and ... Custard Squares.

7.       Favourite local café?

Darfield Bakery is a winner.

8.       Favourite foodie destination (can be worldwide)?

French Pyrenees – fresh baguettes, ham and tomatoes from the local market while cycle touring.

9.       What’s the first thing you consume in a typical day?

Nothing exciting here - just my standard breakfast.

10.   What is your favourite weekend breakfast?

Pancakes with the family.

11.   What is your go-to lunch?

Tea from last night.

12.   What is your ultimate dessert?

That’s tough to narrow it to one... homemade chocolate self-saucing pudding with ice cream would be the first choice.

13.   Favourite recipe book?

Edmonds Cookbook.

14.   Sweet or savoury?


15.   Favourite fruit or vegetable?


16.   Food you used to dislike and now love?

Pumpkin Soup.

17.   A dish that is made frequently in your household is…

Mince Surprise (we have four kids...).

18.   Cooking – love it or hate it?

Love it.

19.   A top tip you would give other fellow athletes (doesn’t have to be food related)?

Options: make sure that you have variety in your nutrition race plan as you are not going to be sure what you are going to feel like.


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