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Nineteen Nutrition Questions With SIMONE PRETSCHERER (nee Anderson)

Having struggled with her weight for many years, Simone made a decision to change for good. In 2014, using social media purely to keep her accountable, she posted her first photo. Simone shared everything candidly and as her weight decreased her followers increased. Her 92kg weight loss gained Media attention, with extensive coverage both nationally and internationally including publications like The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Elite Daily, Fashion Quarterly, the NZ Herald and TVNZ to name just a few. In 2015 Simone was interviewed live by Tyra Banks on her talk show, The FABlife. She also graced the October 2016 cover of Good Health magazine. Simone has recently written her own cookbook ‘So Delish!’

1. Your go-to pre-gym meal? 

A tropical protein shake using two islands Vanilla & Coconut pea protein.


2. Favourite post-gym recovery food?

I love a couple of hard boiled eggs, fruit or nuts.

3. Can't head to the gym without....?

My sweat towel and my drink bottle.

4. The best piece of nutrition advice you have been given?

To stop counting calories, it changed my entire outlook on food and what feeling your body truly means.


5. Foods you cannot stand? 

Olives and capers!

6. Three foods you could not live without?

Japanese of any kind!

7. Favourite local café?

I love Odettes (Auckland).

8. Favourite foodie destination (can be worldwide)?

Melbourne - such incredible quirky spots.

9. What’s the first thing you consume in a typical day?

My Adashiko (collagen powder) and Vitally (vitamins) with a big glass of water.


10. What is your favourite weekend breakfast?

I love my breakfast burritos these feature in my new book!

11. What is your go-to lunch?

I try and keep lunch exciting, so we meal prep on a Sunday and freeze meals so there is something on hand. I love prawn Laksa coming into the cooler months.

12. What is your ultimate dessert?

Frozen grapes! If you haven't tried these, DO IT! 

13. Favourite recipe book?

Can I say.... my own....

14. Sweet or savoury?


15. Favourite fruit or vegetable?


16. Food you used to dislike and now love?

Mushrooms and Brussel sprouts.

17. A dish that is made frequently in your household is…

Rice paper wraps.

18. Cooking – love it or hate it?


19. A top tip you would give other people trying to be the healthiest version of themselves?

Start small, make one small change today and try that for a week. Next week add in another change, these small tiny changes all add up! 


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