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Nineteen Nutrition Questions With TWO RAW SISTERS

Rosa & Margo (aka. Two Raw Sisters)

Margo and Rosa are best-selling authors and incredible cooks. Their mission is to inspire, motivate and educate people on the benefits of plant-based eating and create healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyles.Two Raw Sisters have a unique approach to plant-based living. They build delicious meals starting with vegetables, unprocessed, raw, whole food and pantry staples, then add meat, poultry or fish as you choose. Neither Margo or Rosa are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free and welcome all eaters into their kitchen. While they take healthy living seriously, they love having a laugh, entertaining and sharing their inspirational story.

1.       Your go-to pre-exercise meal?

Margo/Rosa- We like to exercise first thing in the morning before work, so we normally do it on an empty stomach. I (Rosa) get the stitch VERY easily!! If we are feeling a bit lethargic or hungry we will go for fresh dates stuffed with peanut butter. 

2.       Favourite recovery food after exercise/training?

Margo/Rosa - Since we exercise first thing in the morning, breakfast is our recovery meal. Margo loves having the Two Raw Sister's banana bread (recipe in the cookbook) with coconut yoghurt, peanut butter, hemp seeds and extra banana. Then Rosa’s is a banana peanut butter cacao oat bake topped with coconut yoghurt, peanut butter and hemp seeds. 

3.       A food or fluid you can’t be without during a gym session or weekend mission? 

Margo/Rosa- A big bottle of icy cold water! 

4.       The best piece of nutrition advice you have been given?

Margo - Eat whole minimally processed foods.

Rosa - See food as fuel not as an enemy.

5.       Foods you cannot stand? 

Margo - Truffle + milk.

Rosa - McDonalds, store bought Tomato Sauce + canned fish/chicken.

6.       Three foods you could not live without?

Margo - Avocado, peanut butter, salmon.

Rosa - Avocado, tahini, salmon.


7.       Favourite local café?

Margo - Our neighbours, Supreme in Christchurch.

Rosa - Another one of our neighbours at The Welder, Barefoot.


8.       Favourite foodie destination (can be worldwide)?

Margo/ Rosa - The Middle East.

9.       What’s the first thing you consume in a typical day?

Margo/Rosa - Breakfast, which ALWAYS has peanut butter in/on it!

10.   What is your favourite weekend breakfast?

Margo - Pancakes or waffles.

Rosa - Pancakes, Oat Bake or porridge, it all depends on the weather and how I’m feeling! 

11.   What is your go-to lunch?

Margo/Rosa - Whatever we were testing in the kitchen that day. At the moment we are doing lots of winter grain based salads, soups, and curries. 

12.   What is your ultimate dessert?

Margo/Rosa - Two Raw Sisters Banoffee Pie with lots of ice-cream, chopped chocolate and banana slices.

13.   Favourite recipe book?

That’s not even a question!! Of course Two Raw Sisters Cookbook 

14.   Sweet or savoury?

Margo - Sweet.

Rosa - Savoury.


15.   Favourite fruit or vegetable?

Margo - Mango + Broccoli.

Rosa - Berries + Broccoli.

16.   Food you used to dislike and now love?

Margo - Coffee.

Rosa - Bananas.

17.   A dish that is made frequently in your household is…

Margo - Peanut Sesame rice with roasted cabbage + avocado. 

Rosa - Two Raw Sisters Broccoli Buckwheat Salad.

18.   Cooking – love it or hate it?

Margo/Rosa - You would hope we would love it!! 

19.   A top tip you would give other fellow athletes (doesn’t have to be food related)?

Margo/Rosa - See food as nourishment and fuel, not as an enemy. 

Base your meals around your plants and add your meat/fish/poultry/dairy on the side if you choose.


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