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Having Cushla help me with my nutrition has been a huge mental and physical advantage. She has helped me maintain a high training volume in Crossfit, while also feeling healthy and energetic outside of the gym too. Having her oversee my nutrition completely takes the stress of it away. I can trust that I am being fuelled with the right food without worrying Im missing anything out. The best part of working with Cushla is her advice is sustainable and affordable which for me as a student is essential!

-Luke Russell


I have been lucky enough to have been introduced to Cushla Holdaway she has been amazing at helping me understand my nutrition needs leading up to the Ironman on the 17th February. They say nutrition is like the 4th discipline as part of a ironman and now I'm beginning to understand why. I competed in a triathlon in the weekend so I could practise transitions and nutrition for the ironman. It was a practice race and there was no taper, in fact it was part of a training week at its peak. It turned out to be a race that I enjoyed, it seemed like I had the energy whenever I needed it and I really do believe nutrition played a big part of that. A huge thanks to the team at Motus Ashburton for introducing me to Cushla and for giving me a great strength plan and treatment to make it this far. Thanks Cushla, I always come away from our meetings buzzing knowing that there is something new to work on and improve for my race day performance. I love soaking up your advice and your positivity and enthusiasm is amazing.

- Vicky Jones


Before signing up for Cushla’s help, I had been back and forth between ‘diets’ for years. Nothing had ever stuck and all I ended up doing was achieving deprivation. After being with Cushla for almost a year, she has helped me feel empowered when it comes to nutrition and I have learnt how to fuel my body in a way I never would have been able to do on my own. Sometimes you just need someone in your corner to support you and help you through, Cushla was that person for me and I cannot recommend her enough.

- Olivia H

I would highly recommend Cushla Holdaway as a dietitian.I found Cushla warm and friendly, but very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. She carefully looked at my food choices and was able to introduce interesting additions to my diet, which have enabled me to maintain good energy levels and get to the weight I wanted to be. Sometimes she challenged my assumptions about certain food, which I hadn't even questioned, and this was really valuable. She continued to follow my progress, checking on how I was doing, and I realise now, almost two years later, that I have continued to eat as she recommended, in a way that feels comfortable and manageable. Thank you, Cushla! 

- Christine Wilson

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